Shane Barnard and Bethany Dillon

Good morning to all. I just found something that I would share with you guys. Two of my favorite Christian artists recently got married. The title will tell you who it is. Here is a link to their wedding pictures. what a beautiful wedding for two people that LOVE the Lord with all of their hearts. Congrats Shane and Bethany!!


3 responses to “Shane Barnard and Bethany Dillon

  1. I’ve been listening to Bethany since I was in Middle School. I am soo happy for her, that she has found a man that loves the Lord as much as she does. Praise the Lord!!!!

  2. Morenike Olagbaju

    Fantastic news! they’re also two of my favourite artists! It’s so beautiful when two people who love the Lord come together the way they have. May God’s purpose be fulfilled in their marriage to the glory of His name.

  3. Shane & Bethany are both such amazing instruments of the Lord… sharing the truth in such worship entering moments, words & accountability. What an expression of worship to the King!!! So glad that they waited for His perfect timing! I remember knowing years ago in college that it would take an amazing woman for either Shane to marry. Praise the Lord!

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